Elastic Bonded Abrasives

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Elastic Bonded Abrasives

ARTIFEX abrasives comprise either silicon carbide or aluminous oxide abrasive grain, supported in a foamed polyurethane or rubber flexible matrix.

The bespoke combination of bonding and abrasive facilitate the desired surface finish.

For any particular requirement these elastic-bonded tools are available in soft, medium and hard densities, but always in a flexible bonding.

Advantages of elastic-bonded grinding and polishing tools:

  • Conform perfectly to the workpiece profile
  • Surface blending only
  • Non-clogging and free cutting
  • Cool grinding in operation due to the open structure
  • Flexible grinding effect helps to minimize any operator error
  • Easily profiled with conventional tools
  • ARTIFEX abrasives give constant surface finishes
  • Roughness is reduced, material contact area is enlarged
  • Surface finishes of well below 1.0 μm achievable

your application

ARTIFEX abrasive products can found in virtually all areas of metal working production, whether manual or mechanical and whether wet or dry operation.

  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Internal cylindrical grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Flat grinding
  • Fine finishing
  • Deburring and dressing
  • Cleaning and satin-finishing
  • Mottling and matt-finishing
  • Polishing and high-gloss finishingM

application Examples:

  • Cleaning and polishing of castings
  • Deburring and polishing of surgical instruments
  • Polishing and satin-finishing of jewelery, watches and watch straps
  • Descaling and polishing of forged machinery parts
  • Polishing of drill and cutting tool flutes
  • Descaling and polishing of sheet steel
  • Superfinishing of engine components

your surface finish

ARTIFEX products are used worldwide for many different applications in a wide range of industries, including medical and dental industries, watch, jewellery, machinery and mould manufacture. Furthermore we produce abrasive tools for the electronic and precision engineering sectors and many other industrial markets.

Among other things, the following surfaces can be improved:

  • Steel, heat-treated steel, carbon steel
  • Hardened steel, carbides
  • Aluminium, non-ferrous and precious metals
  • Sintered metals and cast iron
  • Plastic, wood

Profit from our Know-How

We customize our approach to match your requirements!

Elastic bonded abrasive tools perfectly adjust to the geometry of the workpiece.

Only the top of the roughness is removed.

Pregrinding with vitrified wheels usually gives a surface roughness of Rz = 3.5 to 5.0 μm.

This roughness will be improved with elastic bonded wheels down to Rz < 1.0 μm. This process can be done in one clamping of the workpiece.

With great focus, we develop and produce today products for the technology of tomorrow.

Fulfilling your need is our goal. We try to meet every customer`s requirements.

Our complete list of agents can be found on our website.

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