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Elastic Bonded Abrasives

Artifex abrasives comprise either silicon carbide or aluminous oxide abrasive grain, supported in a foamed polyurethane or rubber flexible matrix. The bespoke combination of bonding and abrasive facilitate the desired surface finish. For any particular requirement these elastic-bonded tools are available in soft, medium and hard densities, but always in a flexible bonding.
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Peripheral Wheels

Artifex wheels are available in a range of hardness grades for each individual grit size. The choice of grades provides a wide spectrum of performance, ranging from high removal (hard bond) to ultra-fine surface finish (soft bond). Green wheels are for fine finishing of metal applications.
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Polishing and Abrasive Blocks

Abrasive blocks are much more durable than conventional sanding blocks because fresh abrasive grit is constantly brought to bear on the work piece. The surface finish achieved with Artifex tools is therefore consistent throughout the entire service life of the tool. (Not all blocks are available with sleeves.) These blocks are used for cleaning surfaces on EDM machines.
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Mounted Points and Ring Cones

Mounted points are used with electric of pneumatic power tools. The process can be carried out either wet or dry. Ring cones are abrasives tools made for deburring, polishing and fine finishing for all kinds of jewelry.
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You have the surfaces – we take care of the finish. Our products are always called for when surfaces cannot be further refined with conventional vitrified or resin-bonded grinding wheels. Contrary to abrasive belts, they can also be used to finish hard to reach surfaces.
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Custom Products

Artifex develops new products in response to customer needs. Customers and prospective customers are encouraged to take advantage of Abtex’ applications laboratory. There, Abtex engineers can process your sample parts to demonstrate the finishes available with Artifex products.
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Featured Industries


Polishing of Turbine Blades, e.g. aircraft engines:

SC 150 HP = Silicon Carbide, Grit size 150, hard, foamed, elastic polyurethane


Deburring and polishing of medical tweezers:

SC 150 MP = Silicon Carbide, Grit size 150, medium soft, foamed polyurethane


Polishing of flutes on hard metal drills:

SC 46 HP = Silicon Carbide, Grit size 46, hard, foamed, elastic polyurethane

Watch & Jewelry

Deburring and polishing of metal watch straps:

SC 46 WP = Silicon Carbide, Grit 46, medium soft, foamed polyurethane