Peripheral Wheels

Artifex wheels are available in a range of hardness grades for each individual grit size. The choice of grades provides a wide spectrum of performance, ranging from high removal (hard bond) to ultra-fine surface finish (soft bond). Green wheels are for fine finishing of metal applications.

Your surfaces – our variety

From sophisticated processes like the manufacture of surgical instruments, jewelry or watches and precision mechanics, electronics and optics all the way to machining heavy-duty turbine blades, the elastic bonded abrasives of Artifex are used in steel mills, mold design and construction, the automotive industry, the medical technology industry and the food and pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Metal – Our tool overview

Your Application

The following materials can be finished with our products:

  • Steel, hard-treated steel, alloyed steel
  • Hardened steel, hard metal
  • Aluminium, non-ferrous metal, precious metal
  • Sintered metal, cast iron
  • Plastic, wood
  • Technical ceramics

Application Examples

With their diversity of materials and shapes, Artifex tools can be used in the most varied areas. Applications include the following fields:

  • Polishing endoprosthesis
  • Deburring and polishing surgical instruments
  • Superfinishing bearing rings
  • Edge rounding drills and cutters
  • Machining turbine blades
  • Polishing circular saw blades and circular knives
  • Polishing machine shafts by cylindrical grinding
  • Superfinishing gears by profile grinding
  • Continuous deburring and polishing stamped parts
  • Seam dressing weld seams on pipes and containers
  • Finishing ceramic parts
  • Cleaning and polishing molds and injection molds
  • Polishing and satin-finishing jewelry watches and watch straps
  • Descaling and polishing forged machine parts
  • Polishing flutes on drilling and cutting tools
  • Automated polishing in die making via robot or CNC
  • Automated polishing of hard metal
  • Deburring and polishing medical instruments and many more